Healthy Living with Lindelwa Mokgoro

Registered Specialist Wellness Counsellor & Prayer Minister

A lifestyle of wellness and wholeness in spirit, soul and body

I desire for people to embrace healthy and whole living in spirit, soul and body – where…
In embracing your spirit you learn to connect with who you are (your very identity) and discover where you are going (your purpose/meaning for life)
In being in touch with your soul you become aware that your mind/mental, emotional and free-will space can be challenged, wounded and made weak
And in being in touch with your body you discover that it can be physically sick with illness and disease due to your toxic thoughts, emotions and choices
My goal is to assist you with professional counselling, guidance and empowerment as you embrace your holistic being. Choosing counselling in your journey of living will enable you to experience your life balanced, free ad whole; and equipped with tools and techniques that will help make your life well i.e. “healthy”, “fine”, “glowing”, “sound” and “thriving” and lived with purpose.

Areas of Expertise

Counselling, Psychotherapy, Pre-Marital Counselling, Debriefing, Healthy Living Workshops, Prayer Ministry

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